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Pep Talk: On Burnley - ‘Maybe we had good results against them because I was careful.’

A confident Pep speaks ahead of Burnley match.

Manchester City Training Session Photo by Matt McNulty - Manchester City/Manchester City FC via Getty Images

Pep Guardiola is a confident man ahead of the Burnley. That despite several injuries and players who will not be available because of the international break. He spoke ahead of the match and was thorough in updates.

Let’s dive in-

On Ederson/Gabriel Jesus- “They play in Brazil and cannot play (tomorrow),”

“Maybe (they can play in the Champions League away to Club Brugge on Tuesday), I don’t know yet.

“Zinchenko is back, Gundogan is back. Except Ferran the rest I think are OK.

“Zinchenko and Gundogan both trained and we are delighted they are back.”

“Ferran will be out two and a half months, three months,”

“It would be better not to happen, but it happens.

“Only I can assure you, Burnley was in this position many times and always survive. Why? Because they never give up. That’s why Sean Dyche is an excellent manager,”

“Some teams start to go down, they go definitely down. They don’t they stay and fight. Maybe we had good results against them because I was careful. I pay a lot of attention to their skills.

“This is the message I give to the players today and hopefully they understand for tomorrow.”

On CB selections- “John Stones was so important for us last season he was playing incredibly well next to Ruben [Dias].

“But at the start of this season, Aymeric Laporte played so well alongside Ruben and it’s fair to let him play.

“John is an exceptional guy; he always knows the situation and he is fighting.

“We extended his contract for the next years and he will be so important for us.

“Aymeric earned the minutes on the pitch. Always I give opportunities to the players, all the time.

“Some play more, it’s normal, but they all play. That’s the moment to show how good they are.

“I want to play all but I can only play 11. If they want more, I cannot assure them.

“Not John, not Ruben, not Kevin [De Bruyne], not Phil [Foden]. This is the reality at the top clubs. It’s difficult to take decision but it is what it is.

“There is no alternative. The way is to train harder. And when you play, which will happen, show you were right and I should have selected you.

On Sterling rumors- “For anyone who doesn’t play, they have to accept my decision.

“I am the manager. I don’t take decision for the benefit of the player - I think the best for the team to win games.

“That’s’ why we are here, to make out fans, owners, bosses happy and proud of what we do. It’s the only solution to moving forward.”

Clear and precise from Pep. Hopefully this clarity will allow the team to perform. We’ll find out.