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Phil Foden Signs Contract Extension -report

Man City keep a home made star for a while.

Liverpool v Manchester City - Premier League Photo by Michael Regan/Getty Images

Phil Foden agree to be a star player at City for a while. News broke recently that Foden is expected to sign or has signed an extension with City. The news comes as part of a move by City to lockdown players before they have few years left on contracts. The Telegraph who broke the news, also said he could have already signed or will soon.

What’s more is the move would make Phil Foden’s agreement worth £150,000-a-week. That plus it adds six years to the current deal with the improved financial terms.

It would make him among the highest paid youngsters in the wold. A well deserved deal and well within the wage structure City has meticulously put i place over the years.

Seems to be a win-win especially considering the premium place on home grown stars.

All we need is the official news, but i’m sure City fans will love this development.