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Gareth Taylor Talks Injury Crisis and more ahead of Everton clash

Man City are down to few options with current injuries.

Manchester United Women v Manchester City Women - Barclays FA Women’s Super League Photo by Lynne Cameron/Manchester City FC via Getty Images

Gareth Taylor knows the next few weeks will be tricky. The City manager is undergoing a mini crisis in both results and injuries. Several players remain out and the results have gone with them, Ahead of the Everton match, Taylor spoke about that and more, let’s dive in-

“It will be a strong line-up. We haven’t got a huge amount of options so here or there, we have to look at players carrying knocks and support that.

“It’s another period where we can hopefully get those players closer. At the moment – apart from Vicky Losada – there doesn’t seem to be any other player rehabbing who will be close to being back with us. That’s the situation.

“One’s better than none so we have to see the positives in that. Hopefully, the others won’t be too far away.”

“If you look at the last couple of occasions where players have gone away, it is a concern especially with the low numbers we have,” he conceded.

“I think it’s always out of your control so you are kind of praying everyone comes back in fine condition. You can’t guarantee that.

“We’ve probably only got two players who will remain with us out of the group of fit players that we have.

“You make your intentions known to the relevant coaches of the nations to say we’re on the edge a bit – not that they’ll have any concerns for us but player welfare is important and making sure we don’t flog these players too much, making sure that we understand that some might be able to manage more than others.

“We wouldn’t send a player who wasn’t fully match fit unless there’s an occasion where they might potentially play the second game rather than first.

“There’s a plan in place for these players and our medical department and sports science department will communicate with the relevant nations just to make sure they’re aware of each player and what they have and haven’t done.

“That helps massively and then we also have communication with the coaches as well. It’s about working together and making sure we’re on the same page to try and not have these situations.

“Our players at the moment have been through a lot and played a lot of minutes because we haven’t been able to rotate as much just due to limited numbers.

“We just try to give as much information as we can to avoid unnecessary injuries.”

Taylor will have to adapt as the league could be slipping away. Injured players is a part of football we’ll see how he and the rest of the players react.