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Pep Talk: “It will be great to have Sergio back and in good condition. He is optimistic.”

Pep speaks ahead of FA Cup match.

Manchester United v Manchester City - Carabao Cup Semi Final Photo by Matthew Peters/Manchester United via Getty Images

Pep Guardiola spoke prior to the FA Cup match Sunday. He touched on a variety of topics. From injuries, returns and Fernandinho’s leadership, a lot was discussed.

Let’s dive in -

“Kyle and Gabriel came back on the bench for Old Trafford - we will see how they react in the training sessions,” he said at his pre-match press conference.

“If Ederson, Ferran and Tommy Doyle are negative, maybe they can train on Saturday. Eric and Cole are isolating after testing positive.

“It’s a mystery how the people who test positive will react afterwards. We don’t know, every case is different.

“Some feel exhausted, some feel better. That’s why you have to see how they feel after training sessions.

“But it’s incredibly good news they are back, they are healthy and they can join the team again.”

“Yesterday he trained really well,” added Pep. (On Aguero)

“Today we are off. If tomorrow he feels good, he will play, yeah. His mood is better than ever, this is important. In the last two weeks, his reaction in his knee has been really good.

“He is going to start and his performance and his knee will dictate. We want good quality minutes.

“It will be great to have Sergio back and in good condition. He is optimistic.

“He says he wants to come back and score goals. We don’t put pressure, but most of the games we need him because he is a striker.”

“He is leading us in an exceptional way,”

“In good moments, but especially bad moments. Everyone can take his example and if they do the team will be stronger.

“I am delighted with what Fernandinho has done, every season but especially this season as captain.”

Guardiola was speaking in response to a question over the midfielder’s future.

His contract is due to expire this summer, but the manager says the Club and the player are yet to decide on what will happen after that.

“With the players at this stage of a season, everything is open,” he added.

Interesting stuff from the manager. Pep is confident in his squad and should be in good shape for Sunday’s game.