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Pep Talk: “One of the special things about the Premier League is that anything can happen,”

Catalan manager sure of challenge v Sheffield.

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West Bromwich Albion v Manchester City - Premier League Photo by Manchester City FC/Manchester City FC via Getty Images

Pep Guardiola held his usual pre-match press conference. He hit on many topics including, Aguero’s injury, Premier League life, his assistant coaches and the Sheffield match. Much to digest.

Let’s dive in-

“One of the special things about the Premier League is that anything can happen,” he said at his pre-match press conference.

“Nothing is guaranteed. We don’t have to go back [to remind ourselves how difficult the Premier League is] as much because a few days ago they won at Old Trafford.

“That’s the Premier League. Everybody knows how difficult it is in every single game.

“You have to try and do as best as possible and see what happens.”

“Sergio is not here yet,” said the City boss at his pre-match press conference.

“When he tests negative, he will come back. We still don’t have the results back.”

“No, definitely not,” said Guardiola when asked if City’s No.8 could be rested.

“Gundogan is going to play tomorrow.”

“Without him being where we are in the table would have been impossible,” Guardiola declared.

“He sees things that I am not able to see. He has a special sense.

“Especially in the bad moments. He makes me feel calm and makes me see the real situation of the team apart from the result.

“He always has the vision to see what I cannot see. His help in this period, with Rodolfo, has been so important in this period.

“I have Rodolfo who has been with us a long time, who helps me a lot, all the time but especially this season because Juanma doesn’t speak English so well yet.

“In some defensive issues he helped us in the beginning. He talks especially with the Latin players.

“He is important to me.”

“I didn’t like the way we were playing. In previous seasons the wingers were wider and higher so we came back to our principles,” the boss revealed.

“For many reasons, we had to adapt to the quality we had and the players we had in that moment. That is the reason I tried to find the way.

“In the end, I felt having the wingers wide and high helped us to be more stable and the quality of the players do the rest. When we have the ball, we run less.

“Managers, when things don’t go well, have the feeling we don’t fight or have the spirit.

“The reason why we didn’t play well was because when we had the ball we ran too much. When we have the ball, we need to walk.

“When we don’t have the ball you have to run with your life. Now I think we are calmer.”

the praise for assistant manager Juanma Lilo was a nice thread in today’s comments. Pep has often credited Lillo as well as Leeds United manager, Marcelo Bielsa as his inspirations in the game. Now working together it’s a great pairing that is benefiting the team wonderfully.