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Manchester City Planning Something ‘Huge’ For Summer Transfer Window

Could City sign a superstar?

Manchester City Club Badge on the Official Home Shirt Photo by Visionhaus

Manchester City are focusing their attention and plans on the summer transfer window, following an inactive winter and already have some key players lined up with six months until the window re-opens.

Names like David Alaba, Lionel Messi, Kylian Mbappe, Erling Haaland and midfielders Denis Zakaria and Hassouem Aouar.

Signing any of them would be great, but something circulating among City fans is a Messi + huge X star whether it be Haaland or Alaba.

Perhaps most unlikely is an Mbappe move. Despite the popularity of #projectmbappe on social media it would take serious financial muscle from City to acquire him.

Most disappointingly would be a midfielder signing and/or another fullback. Not to say Aouar or Zakaria would not be appreciated, but when discussing Messi and Mbappe that would feel a step down.

Ideally, for me, Messi is ideal, but Haaland would not only be a now purchase, but a long term one. It will be interesting to see what City is planning.

What combination would you like to see between the players bandied about?