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Pep Talk: “It’s too many games and competitions, in the end, the players suffer.”

Catalan manger expressed frustration with FA.

Manchester City Press Conference and Training Session Photo by Matt McNulty - Manchester City/Manchester City FC via Getty Images

Pep Guardiola had a very interesting press availability today. From talking Super League which we covered here, to injuries, lack of five subs and Cheltenham in the FA Cup, he hit on many topics.

Let’s dive right in-

“The doctor had to review the scan this morning, and he will be out between four and six weeks (KDB),”

“It is a big blow. But we have to move forward. I am not saying that nobody doesn’t know about how important he is.

“Unfortunately for him and for us, he will be out for an important part of the season and we have to find a solution because everyone is struggling in this situation and we have to adapt.”

“What we wish right now is that Sergio feels better.

“He felt uncomfortable in the first three days after testing positive. He felt quite tired, with all the symptoms you get.

“Hopefully, he can come back soon. Step by step in training. A long time we have missed our best striker.”

“There are many reasons why a team is champion,” he said ahead of City’s FA Cup clash with Cheltenham Town when asked if this season’s titles will be won by the team who suffers the least amount of injuries.

“We compete in all the competitions and it is so important to have fit, healthy players but it is so impossible when they play every three days for 11 months.

“There are injuries at all clubs and we know it. We try to avoid it, we have more medical advice than ever, more nutritional advice, we try to take care of the players but they are human beings and at some point the bodies say it is enough.

“With the amount of games and previous competitions in the last five seasons, the players don’t want to get injured but there are injuries.”

“When we demanded five substitutions, it’s for this reason. Why can we do it in the FA Cup but not the other competitions?

“I’m not just saying it because it’s Kevin. It’s too many games and competitions, in the end, the players suffer.”

Pep backs his players fully. It’s a great quality in a manager.

Lastly, I wanted to highlight Pep’s comments on not prioritizing competitions-

“This is not going to happen with me,”

“I know the Premier League is the most important one and the Champions League is the second most important one, but four finals in a row in the Carabao Cup is because every game is important.”

“So, no chance [of prioritising]. Even if we arrive at the game without players, we are going to play the second team, but we don’t drop any competition.

“When we lose it is because the opponent is better or we made a bad performance, but not because I don’t care for this competition.”

Honesty there by Pep is refreshing, all competitions should be won and Pep not making one a priority is correct by my view. He is a serial winner and while winning a UCL would be great he takes all of them seriously, that is to be commended not derided.

Thoughts on Pep’s eventful press conference today?