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Bernardo Silva: “It felt like an important win because we got to 75th minute without scoring,”

Star midfielder has played well.

Manchester City v Aston Villa - Premier League Photo by Clive Brunskill/Getty Images

Manchester City’s Bernardo Silva is regaining his form.

The Portuguese star is quite happy after the win v Villa this week.

Let’s see what he said post game-

“It was a very important win, a tough game for us, just three more points and on to the next one.

“It felt like an important win because we got to 75th minute without scoring, so to get those two goals, we’re very happy.”

“It’s been a long time (since I scored) and I’m happy to score and help the team,” the Portuguese midfielder reflected.

“The most important thing is we are leaders for now.

“The team is doing very well. (There is) still a long way to go but we are happy with our momentum and we want to keep going.

“I haven’t checked it yet,” he shrugged.

“Our player was offside but when their defender touched it, he stops being offside, I think. But I haven’t checked it.”

To me, Bernardo showed restraint, the controversial offside call was correct as the refs all over the world confirmed.

Switching gears, his form being on the up is great news, when City have many stars on the upswing the league will need to watch out. City is surging and the fans love it.