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Manchester City Announce Partnership With Bolivar

City expand the CFG empire.


Club Bolivar has joined Manchester City Football Group as first Partner Club.

The largest Bolivian club, Club Bolivar, has joined the City Football Group family as its first Partner Club. Founded in 1925 and based in the world’s highest capital city, La Paz, Club Bolivar boasts 29 domestic league titles, the most of any Bolivian football club.

City CEO spoke about the acquisition- Ferran Soriano said-

“We are very pleased to grow our global presence through this important collaboration with Club Bolivar, City Football Group’s first Partner Club. This long-term agreement is the first of its kind and will enable Club Bolivar to draw down on and utilise the wide range of football industry expertise developed by City Football Group. As well as supporting Club Bolivar’s ambitions, we have an opportunity to learn. Our work in Bolivia will certainly strengthen our knowledge of, and network in, South American football.”

“Club Bolivar is the biggest and best club in Bolivia with a rich and successful history. We are excited by Marcelo’s vision for the Club and we are looking forward to working together and striving to help Club Bolivar achieve very ambitious goals in the coming future.”

It seems a good deal. City get exposure and player access in South America to go with its Urugauayn CFG squad. Bolivar in turn, get resources and advice on scouting and coaching methodologies, youth academy development strategies, sports science and more.

A win-win.