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Zach Steffen: “We want to lift as many trophies as we can,”

American keeper confident of City this season.

Chelsea v Manchester City - Premier League
American GK

Manchester City goalkeeper Zach Steffen is confident Manchester City can achieve greatness this season.

Steffen has done admirbaly well sionce Ederson was taken out of circulation with Covid. He has held his own in UCL matches, league games and againts pressurised rivals like Manchester United and Chlesea. He is making a name for himself.

Last week’s match saw City progress into the Carabao Cup final last week by beating Manchester United and Steffen has reiterated the team’s desire to taste success in this competition this season too.

Speaking after the match he had much to say-

“We want to lift as many trophies as we can,” he said. “We want to win as many games as we can, and we want to play as best as we can by playing the best football.

“It was nice to get my first FA Cup match under my belt. I hope to play more cup games as the season goes on so this is an important competition for all of us and one we want to win. We want to lift this trophy.”

“That’s our job, to stay focused for 90 minutes. I’m lucky to be part of a team where I can play with the ball and touch the ball with my feet to stay active and involved with the play,” he admitted.

“I love playing. I’m really enjoying it and it was great to get out there for a few games. it’s just a shame there were no fans.

“I feel confident and have got into a rhythm, I think the players in front of me have done a great job during these matches and I’m going to keep working hard to get myself out there.

“It’s great to keep another clean sheet and having a run of games has been important to understand how we play better and I definitely feel settled.”

Good for him. City have two real good keepers now and as the saying goes, iron sharpens iron, so City fans should be confident about who is in goal.

Now we will see if he can challenge for that number one spot.