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Eric Garcia Could Depart This Summer

Barcelona circle for the young Spaniard.

Arsenal v Manchester City - FA Cup: Semi Final Photo by Matt McNulty - Manchester City/Manchester City FC via Getty Images

A new week and fresh Eric Garcia rumors. His exit seems imminent, whether this window or in January’s.

Manchester City value Eric García at around €25M, but Barcelona consider waiting to June 2021 when his contract runs out so they can sign him on a free deal.

Reports out of Spain claim Barcelona will renew negotiations for him this week.

Whatever is done, I do prefer him to go if he does not wish to stay. Unlike the club he is going to, a club should not hold a player hostage if he wishes to depart.

Nevertheless, a nice fee of 20-25 is fair. The problem is I expect a low ball offer.

Let’s see where the offer lands this week.