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Manchester City Embarrassed at Home, 5-2 By Leicester City: Reaction & Tweets

Pep and his men suffer a home defeat.

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Manchester City v Leicester City - Premier League Photo by James Williamson - AMA/Getty Images

Manchester City’s first home game of the 2020/21 campaign ended with a lopsided defeat to Leicester.

Despite taking an early lead through Riyad Mahrez, the visitors managed to get in behind the City defence on a number of occasions where they mercilessly punished some hesitant defending.

The Foxes were awarded three penalties, where Jamie Vardy bagged a hat-trick in the 5-2 loss.

It was our first opening home game defeat in the top flight since 1989. A diusaster class all around.

On to the reaction-

Pep Guardiola Reaction

“The last game against Wolves wasn’t a problem so why is this suddenly a problem?” said Pep.

“We had problems attacking, it has happened many times against this type of defence.

“They didn’t come up to press for 80 minutes, but you have to avoid letting them run into the dangerous positions.

“Even with this, they didn’t run much, but we have to be there when they did.

“That is what i saw on the touchline, but maybe when I watch it back I can see different things.

“I don’t know how many chances they created. Their first goal wasn’t a counter attack we were there.

“We have to accept it.”

“With 11 players behind the ball (in other matches) it was so difficult to create chances but we were calm and patient to move them and find the solution.”

“In those games we won 1-0, 2-0 but today the result was three penalties, we started to think we played bad when we were playing good. Just try to be patient but unfortunately we conceded a second and third and then it was more difficult”

“They want to play well. We did well in the first 20, 25 minutes. The penalties we conceded were not a counter attack. We have to improve. Sometimes it’s difficult, be patient. We need some time. Sometimes we score early, sometimes we need time.”

“ Of course it’s hard but still it’s the second game of the Premier League. We have to try to see what we can do to avoid it next time. This is my job. I feel bad for the guys and for the club but we have to analyse and improve what to do in these situations.”

Notable Tweets