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Fernandinho Named Manchester City Captain

Ferna, El Capitan.

Manchester City v Lyon - UEFA Champions League Quarter Final Photo by Victoria Haydn/Manchester City FC via Getty Images

Brazilian superstar named Manchester City captain.

Pep said about his appointment-

“Players and staff vote on the captains. Fernandinho will be good, as he always has done since I met him. Sometimes I have captains, it doesn’t matter with the armband, being the first captain, he always leads in the bad moments...”

“We decided in the locker room, the players, the backroom staff, we decided that Fernandinho is Man City captain and I am more than delighted with that.”

I like the appointment. Ferna won’t play much this season so this is a bit more sentimental and Kevin De Bruyne has been named vice captain. Either is good by my book.