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Nathan Ake: “You see that the tempo is very high and there are a lot of quality players...”

The Dutch international speaks.

Manchester City Unveil New Signing Nathan Ake Photo by Victoria Haydn/Manchester City FC via Getty Images

Nathan Ake is excited about his future with Manchester City. He spoke recently with the City website and had some interesting comments.

“This week I’ve obviously started training and have been getting to know the lads and it’s been good.

“The CFA is incredible - we have everything that we need.”

“It is obviously a much bigger club and expectations and all those kind of things will be different over here, but I just need to get used to that quickly,” he said.

“When you are on the streets you get recognised more, but you just have to get on with that and adapt to the team quickly.

“You see that the tempo is very high and there are a lot of quality players and in the first few weeks I’ve got to try and adapt to that,” he added.

“[I’ve got to] try and learn and get better as a player and I’m sure being around these kind of players can do that.”

“It is different than normal pre-seasons but I just have to adapt to that,” he added.

“Before the national team I had been with the fitness coach to keep the fitness up.

“Then four days of normal training with the national team and then a game two days later and then two days later, so it was quite tough and different but I’ve just got to get used to that.

“I’m trying to get the fitness back. It is good that I’ve got two games under my belt now already, so hopefully I can just keep it up.”

“I was very happy with that,” said our new signing.

“I know him from a little bit before but he spoke to me about the nice places to live and stuff like that and it just helps settle me quicker.

“I think it is also good that he speaks Dutch so it is easier for me. It’s very nice of him, for sure.”

City’s struggles to sign another centre back could be for Ake’s benefit as he looks to line up right next Aymeric Laporte.

Thoughts on Ake’s season potential?