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Rodrigo: “I am involved in an amazing team. I am happy with what I have done and for the future – I am so happy about what is to come.”

Spanish midfielder speaks prior to Real Madrid match.

Manchester City Press Conference and Training Session Photo by Tom Flathers/Manchester City FC via Getty Images

Rodrigo is a buzz about Friday’s game. He participated in this week’s press availability and had interesting things to say about the game and his time at City so far.

Rodrigo on time at City-

“For me, it has been an amazing year because of what I have learned, how I have grown, the experience I carry,” he reflected.

“I am involved in an amazing team. I am happy with what I have done and for the future – I am so happy about what is to come.

“I am proud of the team but we must keep learning and growing because in the next few years, we are hoping to do very good things.

“It’s not easy being Manchester City but for me it’s a dream and I want to keep learning and growing.

“Since I came here, my goal was to win every tournament. There is one left this season.

“We have already achieved two trophies and we want to make it a good season and win the Champions League).


“It’s a tournament we haven’t won as a team. It’s a dream. We have been close in years before but it is our main goal. At this moment, we will fight until the end.”

“For sure, we are in a good mood,” he added. “We are so confident in ourselves and very excited for the game tomorrow.

“We have made a great effort since we came back. The team is in a good mood. We are calm and passionate and we are ready for the match.

“It’s been a long time since the last game but we’ve been thinking about this game since. We are so focused but we know it’s going to be tough.

“There are two games and we won on their pitch but we need to show we are better. We’ve got the chance we want to have. If we play a good match, we a chance.

“It depends on us. We need to show we can win this Champions League – not just this match.

“We need to show we are better than anyone and the way we know this team is the only way we can get success.

“Football has changed – it’s so competitive and the difference between the teams is so narrow. I know we have a better team but we have to show it, with our behaviour and personality.

“Real Madrid are more than a team. They have that way of playing that means you can never relax. Even if you are winning 3-0, 4-0 they come back.

“They have huge personality. They are the biggest team in this competition.

Comparison of squads-

“I think we have a better squad and if we do things well, things will be good for us. That’s a general opinion of mine but words are worthless if you can’t demonstrate that and prove it.

“I will say we are a side full of goals with talented players in every area of the field but it’s useless if we don’t show it on the pitch. We have to match them with experience and mentality in these big games.

“If we match them in those areas, fate will decide but I think we have a good chance.

“(If we win) we will be happy for us because if we pass this round, beating this kind of team is a big confidence for us.

On winning the UCL-

“We want to win the Champions League – every single match. The confidence of the team is to get this goal. It would be so important for this Club.

“it’s a dream for everyone and for me but we can only focus on one game. We go step by step.

“We have this amazing match, which is a Final for us. We want to do our game and play like we play – offensive.

“Let’s see how the game evolves but we are focused on what we want to do to get through the tie.

“It’s going to be very tough and we will suffer in some moments but we have the mentality to get through this.

“We will do our game and let’s see what the result is but we will be going for the victory.”

It’s a good sign that the squad is loose prior to this huge game. Rodrigo is a testament to Pep’s coaching and his words and faith in him and the club show that.