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Rodrigo: “I am really confident,”

City new boy speaks ahead of Real Madrid game.

Manchester City v Norwich City - Premier League Photo by Visionhaus

A massive game is set for Friday for the City faithful and team. Rodrigo, who signed last summer, spoke ahead of the crucial game.

Let’s see what he said-

“I am really confident,” he said.

“They are a great team and they can beat you, because they are Real Madrid, but we have to show them we are a better team.

“We showed them at their home, but we need to be ready because you never know what is going to happen. We have to be focused.

“They are the greatest team in La Liga and they have shown that this year. We need to do our best to get to the next round.”

“I know the talent Phil has and what he can give to the team,” added the midfielder.

“Eric came from the Academy and he has proven he can be a centre-back in this team.

“It’s good news for us that those players are growing because they will be very important.

“The good thing is they are so young and they have lots of progression. That is the greatest thing you can say about them.

“They are showing this level and they are only 20-years-old. When they get to 25 or 26 I think they can be top level.”

Rodrigo has proiven to be a very solid player since joining the team. He did need time to adjust, but he has been good the last couple of appearances. We’ll see if Pep decides for him on Friday.

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