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Manchester City Unveil Third Kit

It’s, well, bold.

3rd Kit

Manchester City have now unveiled the new third kit. It’s pretty good and sure is bold. It’s why I’m loving the new Puma collaboration and why fans should be grateful to get original and city inspired kits.

From the official press release-

Manchester has an illustrious musical history, known for its legendary artists and iconic venues, which has influenced the global musical landscape and continues to inspire the city’s thriving music scene to this day. The city prides itself on doing things differently - the famous haircuts, the mad music, the vibrant fashion as well as the stylish football. This is what makes Manchester so unique.

The new Manchester City Third Kit celebrates the rich music and fashion culture of the city by creating a bespoke paisley pattern that features details of the club’s crest. The pattern is synonymous with artists from the ‘Mod’ and the ‘Brit Pop’ eras of the 1990’s and was a staple of youth fashion in the 1960’s, influencing fashion and music culture in Manchester for generations.

You know what, once on the players, it’s a really good and original design.

What are your thoughts?