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Lionel Messi To Manchester City - Reports Roundup

The deal is accelerating at a rapid pace.

Barcelona v Bayern Munich - UEFA Champions League Quarter Final Photo by Michael Regan - UEFA/UEFA via Getty Images

Yesterday, Lionel Messi broke the internet. Over 2 million tweets about him sent just in the last day. It is a mega transfer and maybe the biggest of all time.

Him coming to Manchester City is perhaps the best news of all. The prospect of him coming on a free transfer is perhaps better.

So, let’s see where we stand now, as Messi Watch enters day two.

Messi will only entertain Man City with Pep

The first report seems a no brainer, Messi will only consider Man City with Pep there. The report, comes from Spain where source after source claim this is the case. It makes sense and should be noted.

Man City are ‘banking’ on a free transfer to match Messi’s wage packet

This report The Guardian, who says City are refusing to play a transfer fee and believe he can come on a free. Messi believes the same and it is why he is pushing to be let from Barcelona.

The decision is final and not even Josep Bartomeu’s resignation would suffice

Perhaps the most notable report is this one from Alfredo Martinez of Spain who see’s Messi decision as finality to a long career at Barcelona. A monumental decision and done in writing, I really don’t see a way back for Messi. He is gone.

Messi willing to take pay cut for well run project

Rafael is a well respected Spanish reporter and this report could be a saving grace as City do not want to risk an enormously disjointed wage bill. Especially after FFP might come hard on them in the near future. All signs point to it being City’s man to lose now all that’s left is Messi resolving his release from contract.

The best player in the world might come to Manchester City. It could be a reality by Saturday.

Thoughts on latest reports?