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Chairman Khaldoon Al Mubarak Gives Annual Overview

The Chairman is overall pleased.

FBL-ENG-PR-BRIGHTON-MAN CITY Photo credit should read GLYN KIRK/AFP via Getty Images

Today the club released the annual review/interview of the Chairman with the site, the chairman reflected on a season unprecedented in terms of the many obstacles it presented.

Chairman Khaldoon Al Mubarak says the lessons learnt from a ‘challenging and unique’ 2019/20 campaign will only make City hungrier for more success going forward.

Let’s check it out-

On season-

“We have had many challenges and ups and downs, and the season has been unique in its nature,” the Chairman declared.

“There were a number of very important injuries (to key players), then we had to deal with the very challenging UEFA situation.

“We had management changes and then we’ve had COVID, then the period where we had to stop and come back and restart.

“When I look back are the results satisfying? The answer is of course not as we always look to finish the season with as much success in as many competitions as possible.

“Second is not what we look for (in the Premier League) but it will make us hungrier.


“Life is too short to carry grudges. This was a challenge, it’s behind us, end of story. I am focused on how to help this club compete, win this UCL.

, have a constructive relationship with UEFA - the only way to go.”

“I was confident that the truth would prevail but what I was most concerned about was the distraction this put upon all of us – the team specifically,” the Chairman added.

“All I really care about is going back to what we do best which is playing football, running our business, pushing forward and not having any distractions.

“That’s the most important thing that I’m happy about now – we can put that distraction behind us.”

On KDB wining player of the year award-

“I was very pleased. Very pleased because it is so well deserved. It was a combination of being pleased but also a bit relieved. I was worried because we have seen it before with Man City players...”

“...them [Man City players] being overlooked for this very important award and I was worried that Kevin would be overlooked this year, because in my view it was unquestionable.”

“Kevin’s the best player in the league this year. He’s earned it [PL POTY], he’s shown it and I’m glad he got this appreciation and respect from the football world. He’s become an important leader of this group. He’s the future of Man City.”

On transfer plans-

“My position is clear - we don’t take a one-year view, we take a three-, five-, ten-year view and when we look at what changes or improvements we have to make for this squad, we’re going to make them...”

“We’re going to make them and we’ll be sensible/pragmatic about it but we will do what it takes. You’ve seen when it comes to the two acquisitions we have made, Ake and Torres - we moved quickly, we knew the players clearly, these were our targets...”

“When the opportunity came, we were able to come in very quickly/swiftly and do business. There are additional players we will be bringing in and we will stick to the plan obviously within the realities of the market that we live in today.”

“If you look at the acquisitions we have made over the past couple of years, there’s a consistency in the type of player we have targeted in terms of age and quality. So we will continue down that road...”

“But at the same time, sometimes opportunities come up that fit with what the manager wants that might be out of that box. If that’s the case, we’re pragmatic enough to make that move.”

I do appreciate the candor of Mr. Al Mubarak. The thoughts of many City fans have been echoed by the chairman and that means he listens to fans.

We will see if more comes out about a long term project post Pep.

Thoughts on the clubs future?