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Yaya Toure Lends Credence to Lionel Messi Arriving at Manchester City

Could this really happen?

Soccer - UEFA Champions League - Barcelona vs. Manchester City Photo by AOP.Press/Corbis via Getty Images

As more uncertainty spurs up in Barcelona, the future of Lionel Messi has come under questioning. Messi, reportedly, does not see his future at Barcelona under the current board. While this has led way to rumors of a salacious transfer to many rumored places, including back to Argentina, Juventus, Inter Milan and yes, Manchester City.

Now, the former Man City talisman has spoken and gave some credence to the rumors.

The City legend told the Daily Star:

“It is going to be complicated.

“From what I know, Messi loves Barcelona. He loves the city, he loves the club, he loves the philosophy there.

“But if he had to leave the club, maybe he could come to City. Why? Because City have the money to buy him and there are only a few clubs in the Premier League who can afford him, to be honest

“If he comes to City he is going to be good for City because the rest of the Premier League is quite intense and hard as well.

“The way Messi plays, few managers are going to love him because he just sits off to the side and does not want to defend much.

“In England – depending on who is going to criticise him for that – they want you to work, defend and attack and it is not easy.

“But if he came to England, I could see him playing for City because Guardiola knows him better and he could put him in this City team to play his football.

“I have a little bit of doubt that he is going to leave Barcelona, to be honest. Barcelona all boils down to Messi. If Messi leaves there is going to be a massive gap.”

Interesting words. Everyone knows this deal will be incredibly difficult to achieve and there have been reports that Pep and Txiki do not want to be seen as taking the “Golden Boy” out of Barcelona. So, to me, the only way this gets done is if Messi himself pushes for it. That is where we are now, he is deciding if to leave or not. With a truncated window and season that decision will have to be made soon.

Don’t hold your breath.