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David Silva’s Final Interview for Manchester City

El Mago says goodbye.

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Brighton & Hove Albion v Manchester City - Premier League Photo by Shaun Botterill/Getty Images

David Siva gave his final interview as he departs the Etihad after 10 illustrious and wildly successful seasons. You can see the full interview here. We will highlight some notable parts.

El mago said-

“It [Man City] felt like home from the very beginning. Everyone treated me and my family so well. I will be forever grateful. I am going to be a Cityzen until I die and my family as well.”

“Nowadays it is so difficult to play 10 consecutive years for the same team. But I have to admit I felt very comfortable here from the beginning, I always said this to everyone. The truth is I was surprised at how friendly it was...”

“At Carrington everything was smaller and we were like a small family. Now everything has changed. The facilities where we train are massive and the club has more staff but this is all normal - the club has reached another level.”

“One of our best games was against United when we won 1-6. Winning a game like that against your main rival, to say things were about to change. Maybe it’s one of the best”

“I really appreciate what he [Pep Guardiola] has done for me. For me it [2018] was a very special year because after all this, Mateo ended up strong and healthy and then we also won the league. For me it was a very special season.”

“It was hard for me. I remember visiting him in hospital, I was surprised how I managed the situation playing football at that level, and I could score that nice free-kick for him on his first day at the Etihad. That was a very special time.”

“It was a very special day. I remember when I visited him at the hospital, many thoughts came to my head, but one of them was the wish of being able to bring him to the stadium so I could play for him. It was a perfect day.”

“He (Mancini) was the one who brought me here. He used to call me quite often when I was in Valencia trying to convince me. I am really grateful because he trusted me and because of him I made one of the best choices I’ve ever made in my life.”

“One of our best games was against United when we won 1-6. Winning a game like that against your main rival, it was a way to say that things were about to change.”

“I am only there to help him and create the chances; I am happy because I think I helped him. I gave him lots of assists - he makes it very easy because he knows how to find the spaces and he’s clinical.”

I am going to be Man City until I die, and my family as well.”

We wish the best of luck to him and thank David Silva for a decade of magic.

Adios, David!