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Pep Talk: “I am incredibly proud with the way we have behaved the last two or three weeks,”

Pep speaks.

Manchester City Press Conference - UEFA Champions League Photo by UEFA - Handout/UEFA via Getty Images

Pep Guardiola spoke prior to his team’s massive game v Lyon, Saturday. The boss touched on recent form, the game and much more.

Let’s dive in-

“I would like to tell you what is going to happen tomorrow, but I don’t know. But I am incredibly proud with the way we have behaved the last two or three weeks,”

“I think it’s an important moment in our careers. I would prefer to be at home, but this is a special situation. It is comfortable, it is nice to be here. Hopefully we can do a good game and stay a few more days in this lovely country.

“After lockdown they have been incredibly focused. We accepted the deal to help our club go to the semi-final. The format is what it is. We adapted to the new protocol.

“Now we prepare for Lyon. Tomorrow is the time to be ourselves. I want to see my team be who they are, do everything with their soul and their minds and after that the football will dictate whether we deserve it or not.”

“Anything can happen. It’s a different competition. It’s a knockout competition. It’s a final at every stage. We are ready to do our best performance to go through,”

“The pressure is always there, we try to do our best like the other teams. We saw how tight it was in the last two quarter-finals, tomorrow will not be an exception.

“We saw Lyon’s last games against PSG and Juventus. We know them quite well. They are incredibly organised and so aggressive. They are so fast up front, with quality in the wing backs.

“They are a top team. It’s the quarter finals - we cannot expect anything else. It is not going to be easy.

“It’s a final so it’s one game. We’ll try to avoid mistakes so they can’t punish us. The pressure is always there to do our best.

“In a knockout game anything can happen. It’s difficult to beat the big teams over two games, but in one game anything can happen.”

Interesting comments by Pep. The day is finally here, let’s see what City will are made of.