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New Leaked Emails Fail To Show Conclusive Proof of Anything Fraudulent — Manchester City Condemn Leaks

Manchester City maintain innocence.

Manchester City Club Crest and Etihad Airways Photo by Visionhaus

New leaks by Der Spiegal, obtained illegally in the dubbed “Football Leaks”, claim a key witness in the CAS/Man City trial lied.

This thread explains the crux of their argument-

Manchester City meanwhile, for their part have released a statement-

“The questions and matters raised by Der Spiegel appear to be a cynical attempt to publicly re-litigate and undermine a case that has been fully adjudicated, after detailed proceedings and due process, by the CAS...”

“Manchester City’s policy remains not to comment on out of context materials purported to have been criminally obtained from City Football Group and Manchester City personnel.”

The credulity of the leaks is and should be brought in to serious question as Spiegal has been a reportedly proven liar of stories and using possibly doctored and illegally obtained emails shows that. That is shown in this piece from ‘The Atlantic’ on the scandal of plagiarizing, made up stories and more.

Lastly, this from @slbsn shows the burden of proof is on accuse as CAS showed,

“You can’t accuse someone of lying without “cogent evidence.” These are serious allegations - individual emails are not sufficient to achieve the necessary standard of proof”

We’ll have to wait and see if more gets leaked or if City will respond with legal action.