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An Ode to David Silva

Made in Gran Canaria. Forged in Manchester

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David Silva. El Mago. Merlin.

Perhaps the greatest player in Manchester City history. Made in Gran Canaria. Forged in Manchester. Over the weekend was Silva’s last game in the Premier League for City and while there is still time for a Champions League hurrah, let’s celebrate his career.

Silva arrived from Valencia in the summer of 2010 and has proved all the doubters wrong. A player that makes the game so easy and accessible for his teammates that it boggles the mind.

Even as great as we believe David to be, he might be underrated by the rest of football. What he is definitely is, is respected by all fans for his grace, quality and sheer brilliance.

Silva will end his career with ridiculous number, provided by Squawka, 434 games, 122 assists, 77 goals and 14 trophies!

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Look at his accomplishments, Premier Leagues, Community Shield, League Cups, FA Cups, he’s won it all domestically. Hopefully in August we can add a European triumph.

David Silva spoke after his last Premier League and said-

“Of course I am very proud,” he said. “To win so many titles and the way we won it. I am a lucky guy.

“I have had a lot of nice moments, and this one as well, the last one.

“I will miss everything – even the weather as well! I’m going to miss working every day with these amazing people.

“They have made my life much easier. It was emotional and I love all of them.”

“This was the last one in the Premier League, but we have to focus on the Champions League.

“I hope we can win it,” he continued. “It’s a shame that we can’t play with the fans here, but of course, the safety of the people is the most important thing.”

His manager had some kind words as well. From Pep Guardiola-

“Extraordinary,” he said when asked to summarise Silva’s illustrious career.

“The amount of games, the huge quality in the games he played, the titles he helped win...he’s alongside five or six others who made this Club what it is now.

“And this club will always be grateful.”

“It was the smallest standing ovation of all time but he will come back to receive the standing ovation he deserves from the fans,” he said.

“I have the feeling they want to do it. What the players have done on the pitch - and the staff and players off the pitch - shows the gratitude and honour he has for this incredible ten years he has done at this Club.

“The team and staff want to thank him for what he has done.”

I’d be remiss if i did not include some highlights of a star studded career-

I’d also recommend you watch his documentary on City+ at

Lastly, lets look at some of great tributes and tweets from fans/media-