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Manchester City Debut Home Kit

The new kit is .... interesting.

The official kit for next year was debuted. It will be worn for the FA Cup semi final this weekend.

From the press release-

Our city is a melting pot: art, industry, music, fashion, noise, colour.

It’s a mashup that’s made us legendary.

Things collide and come together, mirrored in the mosaics of Manchester.

We’ve always been a city of allsorts - a bit off beat.

Always something different.

But to us, that’s what feels like home.

This mosaic shirt is a tribute to our city, bringing together each little part that makes us whole.

Telling a story about where we’ve come from and where it is we want to go.

This is our city.

Very nicely done. I love the kit.

Here is a clearer look-

Thoughts on the kit?