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Pep Talk: “We are satisfied with what we are doing but the past is the past,,,”

Pep speaks ahead of Liverpool match.

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Newcastle United v Manchester City - FA Cup: Quarter Final Photo by Matt McNulty - Manchester City/Manchester City FC via Getty Images

Pep Guardiola previews massive game v Liverpool. He spoke about Jurgen Klopp, playing Liverpool, title aspirations, Leroy Sane and much more.

Let’s get to it.

Pep on progress-

“In sport you have to prove (yourself) every time. We are satisfied with what we are doing but the past is the past,” Guardiola declared.

“What we have done remains in our soul and memories.

“Now we must go on... it’s a new chapter in our lives and you have to live it.

“Memories are nice for family and friends - people say I don’t have to show anything but I don’t agree with that. Every time you have to do it again.

“The winner does not want to be beaten and we are going to try to fight with Liverpool and the other opponents for the next chapters in the Premier League.”

On Liverpool-

“That it was a team that was better playing at an outstanding level and we have to do more,” Guardiola added.

“Football and sport help you to understand that another side was better, you have to try to reduce the gap.

“For the next seven or eight games and next season we must work harder and better.

“There are many details and we are not far away, but we have to do a little bit more in many aspects.

“Now we have a lot of games and think about the result to arrive in the cup competitions in the best way. To play well in the Premier League first is key.”

Pep on Leroy Sane-

“It looks like it. It’s not done. There are still some little issues, but it looks like he’s going to Munich,” Guardiola confirmed.

“We wish him all the best and we say a big, big thanks for all our years together.”

Pep on Jurgen-

“As a human being, I don’t know him that well but I admire him and the way that his teams play football. It is a benefit for the world - positive to try to score a goal. This kind of manager helps a lot...”

“He wants to win, I want to win but when it is finished, the game is over. He’s my colleague and of course I want to have a good relationship with managers - we are not close every day in touch but the relation has to be there...”

That will do it. Keep it here for match preview and more.