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Eric Garcia Stabilized - At Hospital After Collision in Manchester City Win

Garcia played phenomenally.

Manchester City v Fulham FC - FA Cup Fourth Round Photo by Visionhaus

Manchester City are off on the right foot after winning v Arsenal in the first game back.

What should have been pure celebration turned dark when Ederson collided with Garcia in the second half.

Eric Garcia, who had started alongside Aymeric Laporte in the center of defence, would come off on a stretcher after a sickening collision with Ederson late in the game.

Pep gave an update on Garcia as well-

“We are concerned about Eric of course. He is conscious but I think he is going to be tested tonight because a kick in the head is always so dangerous,” he said.

The doctor told me he was conscious and they asked me to be with you. I’m pretty sure we’re going to do absolutely everything to be sure that everything is fine and well.”

Pep also praised Garcia for his game-

“He doesn’t make mistakes, he’s always focused and this game we knew we would play against dynamic, fast players. Against Burnley it is a different type of game with their strikers and we need another type of player but for this game we thought he was the right guy to play alongside Laporte and he played really good.”

It seems Garcia will be mostly ok. Now we wait for official results and timetable for return.