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Manchester City: Headline Roundup

Financials, kits and more rumors, let’s go!

Manchester City v Atalanta: Group C - UEFA Champions League Photo by Visionhaus

Another week full of headlines for Manchester City. Let’s see whats going as we are just over a week from returning.


#1 Deloitte releases numbers

Some interesting numbers regarding salaries were released this week by Deloitte. That bodes well fro City as they might have a ban for the upcoming 1-2 seasons. Will be interesting to see how they morph over the coming years thanks to the Silver Lake investment.

#2 Clearer pictures for next seasons kits

I have come around and now really like all the kits. The home is bold sure, but stays traditional with the blue and cuts look decent. Away kit is a smashing hit. Great colors, design and trim/details. The third is probably the one of most concern for some. The mitochondria-cell design is a choice definitely. I think third kits are for experimentation and super unique ideas and this definitely does that. This years orange/yellow lemonade kit was a fairly liked kit. So why not?

#3 Premier League to wear BLM badges

A fairly bold move and I commend them for it. Could they be dong more, sure, but awareness is very important too.

#4 Ferran Torres wants City Deal

Atalanta BC v Valencia Cf - UEFA Champions League Photo by Matteo Ciambelli/NurPhoto via Getty Images

Ferran Torres is ‘already in contact’ with #ManCity and five other major European clubs - with City and Man United able to offer a better deal than Napoli. However, no offer have been made so far. That from Sport Witness. It could be a matter of time and interest for this deal to be done.

#5 Manchester City to have special on return to football

I love this, the original content and City’s youtube are the best of all clubs. City+ is a platform and great tool to spread City all over. This should be great.

That will do it. Thoughts on any headline?