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City Football Group to battle Red Bull Group for Russian first division team

CFG are looking for a European side.

The Old and New Manchester City Club Crest Photo by Visionhaus

City Football Group are looking to add another squad to their arsenal. This time in the form of Russian Premier League side, FC Ufa.

As first reported by, City would face a new wrinkle of a challenge from a similar enterprise in Red Bull Football who are also looking to add Ufa to their consortium.

CFG currently own-

- Manchester City

- Melbourne City

- Montevideo City

- New York City

- Mumbai City

- Girona

- Sichuan Jiuniu

- Yokohama F. Marino

CFG are also already trying to add AS Nancy after a loose relationship with Toulouse. Acquiring Lommel and Nancy would put CFG at 10 clubs.

Red Bull meanwhile own teams in Leipzig who most would say is their flagship side as well as teams in Salzburg, New York and a new addition of RB Brasil in Campinas, Sao Paulo, Brazil.

While not as prolific as their blue counterparts, RB have done similarly a phenomenal job of developing players and making the most of their resources.

This being the first “battle” between organizations should bode for an interesting time for both sets of fans.

We’ll see where the story leads us.