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The Curious Case of David James, The Striker

A City Keeper being subbed on to attack?? Man City did just that.

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Manchester City v Middlesbrough Photo by Richard Heathcote/Getty Images

15 years ago today Stuart Pearce stuck David James upfront and it was predictably amazing.

It was a weird sight to see the giant goal keeper step on to the field at striker and try to gain favor for City and score.

What’s even crazier is James talking of the event-

“The YouTube highlights aren’t overly complimentary on my aerial ability, and even less so on my tackling ability,” - David James. “To be fair to the referee, had I been an outfield player I would’ve been sent off, just for an accumulation of fouls.”

Courtesy of “The Athletic”, (subscription required, and recommended) Sam Lee spoke to him and he said he would have practiced more had he known as shown in the tweet below.

The highlights of that day are so good, James just does not know for sure where to go. What a fun time. Pearce, ever angry, thought this was a good idea. He subbed off Claudio Reyna a midfielder and made James attack and attack. A bold strategy that did not pay off.

Big swing, big misses.

Still, enjoy the fun mess of David James, the striker.