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What If Kaka Joined Manchester City in 2009?

The Brazilian superstar nearly joined in January of 2009.

Kaka cutout.

The former Brazilian midfielder was at one time one of the best players in the world, and he won the Ballon d’Or in 2007 after his terrific performances helped Milan claim the Champions League.

He was strongly linked with a mega money move to City in the summer of 2009, but ended up at Real Madrid instead.

What If Kaka Joined Manchester City?

At that time Manchester City had been in its infancy of a new rich ownership of the Abu Dhabi United Group Investment and Development Limited and this would have been a mega coup.

This of course, was just one window after City signed Robinho for a British record fee.

This is what could have been.

The starting lineup for most of the season was as follows-

Adding a world class midfielder of Kaka’s ilk would have transformed the club in to immediately a top four and even a title contender. Having finished 10th that season, adding Kaka gave its forward in Robinho and the two wingers of Shaun Wright-Phillips and Elano many more chances.

That in turn opens the field and magic could have happened. Kaka pulling the strings at a time that the number “10” was fading, but still important could have been huge.

A probable starting 11 with Daniel Sturridge off the bench and Kaka starting-

Under this scenario, City would have triumphed. Adding at least 10 more goals City compete for Champions League and make deep runs in domestic competition. Robi, would have at least scored 20 goals instead of the 14 and add easier chances for SWP and Elano and we are talking about a solid Man City side.

City would then be an accelerated giant fast tracked to compete. Instead of playing with the transfer window and taking time to figure it out, Kaka’s signing eliminates some guess work for other players and fast tracks them to the top.

Which brings us to European glory. That season Man City were competing in the UEFA Cup, a Europa League pre-cursor, and were eliminated in the quarter finals by Hamburg. But, with a player like Kaka they could have very well beaten them and would have a date in the semifinals with Werder Bremen, who were coming off a marvelous run. That would have been a toss up, so with a world class player the edge goes to City. A final then would have been set v Shakhtar. A team that had many familiar faces, Fernandinho, Willian, Luiz Adriano and Ilsinho. It would have been a cracking match. Any side could have won.

Manchester City could have been transformed nearly overnight and competing right away after new ownership arrived in 2008. They could have even been European Champions.

The club could have been even more successful than it is now.

What a thought!