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Let’s Pick Manchester City’s Five a side team

Who makes your list for a 5 a side Premier League tournament?

Aston Villa v Manchester City - Premier League Photo by Visionhaus

The Premier League plans to continue their season and by all means will look to finish it. So, what if the season were ultimately decided by a five a side tournament? Everything, on the line with the success being determined by five players.

Who would you pick off our current team?

Here is mine-

GK- Ederson. Duh, the best goalie for my money in the Premier League. He would be the ultimate asset considering his past as an actual futsal field player in his native Brazil. His skill on the ball is best in the land and with that he can help keep City’s passing fluid which is a big part of 5 a side games.

DEF- Aymeric Laporte. My choice here is dictated by two things, ball skills and presence. The Frenchman has both in strides. Making him a worthy inclusion as both defender and catalyst for the attack.

MID- Two players here. If you follow any futsal you know the best formation is a diamond five with one defender, two midfielders and one striker. So this would dictate two incredibly skilled dribblers/assist masters. Enter Kevin De Bruyne and Bernardo Silva. KDB, needs no introduction, a fantastic midfielder with vision, pace and ball control skills who would work wonders in the small spaces of a five a side. Bernardo is similar a great player with amazing dribbling and who can make magic in small spaces that this tourney would provide. I’d put these two against any club on the planet.

FOR- Sergio Aguero. Simply put, Manchester City’s greatest player ever. A natural born killer who can finish games off and gain City victory after victory. His skill with his back to goal and his off ball positioning make him a great addition to round out the squad.

That will do it. Let us know your five a side team in the comments.