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Raheem Sterling: There’s Only One Shirt I Want

City Winger Wants Barca Legend Shirt

Manchester City Training Session Photo by Tom Flathers/Manchester City FC via Getty Images

Manchester City winger Raheem Sterling has revealed the one shirt he wants to obtain from his playing days for his collections. Despite gathering a collection of medals, trophies and players shirts, Sterling has said the one he really wants is a shirt off the back of Lionel Messi.

Speaking ahead of his latest ePremier League Invitational Match against Everton’s Andre Gomez, Sterling, who has 56 England caps said “there’s only one that I really want and that’s a Messi shirt. When we played Barcelona I got a Neymar shirt. That was the first shirt I ever asked for.

“When I finish football and settle somewhere, I will hopefully have many shirts to choose from, pick my favourites and then I will do a room of trophies and football shirts.”

However Sterling has also revealed that he used to try and emulate Ronaldinho as a youngster. “Ronaldinho, he was the one. If you see my history on Youtube, I have seen every single clip of his playing career. I used to go into the garden and try to recreate what he’d done, but I couldn’t. I tried to the best to my ability. He was something special.”

In the wake of the Coronavirus that has led to the Premier League being suspended indefinitely, Sterling has been representing the blues in ePremier League Invitational Fifa 20 tournament, and after knocking out Wilfried Zaha of Crystal Palace and Gomez, Sterling now faces Trent Alexander-Armstrong today, and the England man says he doesn’t practice like he does for the grass game.

“I’ve tried to stay off the console. I don’t want to keep thinking about the game. I know how to play Fifa. If you keep playing and keep thinking about it you’re just going to put more pressure on yourself. When the time comes I’ll be ready.”