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Manchester City Sunday Quiz

Test Your Knowledge Of The Blues

General Views of Sport Venues after events postponed due to Covid-19 Photo by Alex Livesey/Getty Images

With the lockdown continuing and Premier League football likely to not resume for a while, we have to find new ways to entertain ourselves, so how about a weekly quiz about our beloved blues? Every Sunday, we’ll put a new quiz online and reveal the answers of the previous week’s quiz. You can post your answers in the comments or keep them to yourself for next week, but no Googling because that would be cheating!

Anyway, here’s week one’s quiz

Which City man scored twice during City’s 1-1 draw with Spurs in the 1981 FA Cup Final?

Which striker has played in both Manchester and Merseyside derbies and played for all four clubs?

Who scored an overhead kick in the 1976 League Cup Final?

From which club did City sign Nigel de Jong in 2009?

Who was sent off at White Hart Lane in an FA Cup reply in 2004 with City 3-0 down?

In what year did City move into their Maine Road stadium?

Mark Hughes was sacked hours after a 4-3 victory over which team in December 2009?

Who was known as Le Sulk?

Which striker transferred to Spurs for a fee of £1.7m in 1988?

Who scored the City’s first goal in the blues’ 3-1 League Cup win over Sunderland in 2014?