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Manchester City Star Recovering From Illness, But Unsure If It Was Virus Related

Assist King And Family Hit With Sickness

Aston Villa v Manchester City - Carabao Cup Final Photo by Visionhaus

Manchester City star Kevin de Bruyne has said he is recovering well from illness, but is unsure if he had contract Coronavirus.

De Bruyne said he and his family felt ill for around two weeks, but the Belgian international doesn’t know whether or not it was the virus.

“I am doing well, to be honest,” De Bruyne said on Friday. “The first two weeks my family was sick, so it was a little bit like up and down, but now they are all healthy. We don’t know if we had it (coronavirus) or not but I think we’re doing well now.”

With Premier League football suspended because of the virus pandemic, de Bruyne said he’s been trying to stay as fit as possible under the current lockdown measures. “Well, the first two weeks was a little bit weird because I don’t know what’s going on. Then I managed to get a treadmill. I was swimming a little bit because I’m lucky to have a pool downstairs.

“I was doing a couple of lengths but now mostly I’m doing a run and I would say every other day I would choose between swimming and doing some exercise, so I’m keeping fairly good for what we can on our own, I guess.”

De Bruyne also confirmed the club are sending information to the playing staff. “They send us like a fairly big programme. I think at the beginning of lockdown some of the gym physios went to the club and made videos of what we can do, different types of exercises.

“But there’s a few things that I like to do, obviously it’s more the running and the swimming exercise. I do a little bit in-between but I’m not one for sitting like an hour or two hours in a gym. I get bored of doing stuff on my own anyway so I prefer to do running, where I keep busy for myself and listen to some podcasts and all that stuff.”