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Sterling, De Bruyne to Real Madrid, Bernardo to Barcelona: A Day in the Life of a Manchester City Fan

Let’s see what is new in City world.

Wolverhampton Wanderers v Manchester City - Premier League Photo by Sebastian Frej/MB Media/Getty Images

One of the by-products of a European ban on Manchester City is the fact that the club has become a punching bag for many. Now everyone who ever envied Man City has a chance to cast their stone. And many are having the time of their lives tearing the club to pieces, image wise. Every rival fan is looking at a player or two their club can snatch from the Etihad Stadium. If it’s not Kevin De Bruyne or Raheem Sterling that’s linked to Real Madrid, it’s Bernardo Silva that has to go to Barcelona.

Then, it’s Aymeric Laporte to Liverpool, so they can have the perfect team. But how about Rodrigo to Manchester United? And Pep Guardiola to Juventus or Paris Saint-Germain while we’re at it. John Stones could help improve Arsenal’s defence. Everybody knows Leroy Sane is already a Bayern Munich player. City can finally return to the Championship. Wait, that’s not bad enough, make it League One.

Don’t forget to strip them of the titles won in the last several years as they go. At least, Steven Gerrard will finally get the Premier League winners’ medal he so richly deserves. And Brendan Rodgers too.

And who bears the brunt of all of this ridicule? City fans.

It’s a truly difficult time to be a fan of Manchester City. But then, whoever said it was going to be a stroll in the park or enjoyment all through? No person or club has it smooth all the time. It’s life. That’s how it is.

Success comes with enemies, and tying times. It is what it is. We win together. We suffer together. Whatever happens, we stick together. In fair weather. In the rain. Under the sun. Through the storm, we will stay strong. And hopefully, we will overcome.

There’s still a lot to come. It promises to be a bumpy ride. Some say the club will not win the appeal. Others say they will, but the ban will only be reduced. But those in the know behind the club insist, the punishment will be overturned. We have to believe the club’s hierarchy. In the end, time will tell. At least, let’s have a fair trial by a body other than the accuser.

But whatever happens in the end, forever a Cityzen!