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Manchester City’s Kit Sponsor Puma Release Statement Following UEFA Ban

Solidarity For City After UEFA Ban

City Of Manchester Stadium, Manchester, United Kingdom, Architect Arup Associates, 2002 Photo By View Pictures/Universal Images Group via Getty Images

Reactions have continued to trail Manchester City’s ban by European football governing body UEFA. The organisation showed no love to the club on Friday February 14 when it handed out a two-year expulsion from its competitions plus a €30 million fine. The body handed out the punishment claiming the club breached its Financial Fair Play rules. The implication is that City will not play in both the Champions League and the Europa League in the next two seasons.

But the club quickly responded to the ban by issuing a statement denying any wrongdoing. It also revealed the decision to challenge the decision before an independent body. Hence, the Court of Arbitration for Sports (CAS) will be the first port of call at the earliest opportunity. The expectation from club officials is for the decision to be reviewed and the ban overturned. This is as a result of “irrefutable evidence” that will be presented to the impartial body showing the club did nothing wrong.

In reaction to the ruling, Manchester City kit suppliers Puma have backed the club’s decision to appeal the verdict. The kit manufacturers say they are convinced the club will be cleared of wrongdoing after appealing the two-year ban from UEFA competitions.

Puma’s statement (via the Financial Times) read: “We fully trust the management of Manchester City and are convinced that these accusations will be cleared”.

Recall that City and the kit company signed a lucrative ten-year, £650million kit deal in February 2019. The agreement is the second biggest in the Premier League, behind only Manchester United who have a £750m deal with Adidas. Puma’s show of solidarity is commendable as the company remains a major partner with City for the foreseeable future.