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David Silva Reveals why he chose the #21 Shirt for Manchester City

El Mago reveals his reasons for choosing the now famous city number.

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Manchester City v Fulham FC - FA Cup Fourth Round Photo by Alex Livesey/Getty Images

Without a doubt one of City’s best players to have ever graced the pitch in sky blue. He always did it playing with passion and smarts while donning his number 21 on his back.

In a recent special for he revealed why he chose that number after arriving at City long ago.

Let’s hear from El Mago.

Did it start with a trick? On picking his number in Spain-

“I moved to Eibar a very short time before the beginning of the 2004-05 season and it was the only one available,” Silva says. “It was given to me.

“Then I moved to Celta on loan and 21 was already taken, so I took the number 16.

“Afterwards, I went back to Valencia and 19 and 21 were the only numbers left.

“I was wearing the 21 before and it was also the one of Pablo Aimar at Valencia, a player which, in terms of playing style, was the most similar to me, so I wanted it for myself.

“And here’s an anecdote I never told to Jaime Gavilán. That year when both of us arrived there, 19 and 21 were the only squad numbers available, and I got on really well with Curro Torres.

“Me and Gavilán, both newcomers, held a raffle and in a moment when he was distracted, Curro told me which one to pick. It was hidden in his hands and I picked the one with the 21.

“We cheated a little bit there… and Gavi was never aware of that.

“And I’ve been wearing the 21 shirt until now… and I never told him! I hope he will understand…”

Silva also spoke of his heroes Juan Carlos Valeron and Michael Laudrup as another reason why he wanted that number.

“Juan Carlos Valerón and his brother Miguel Ángel, both played with my dad here in Arguineguín,” Silva says.

“Juan Carlos was always a role model to me. I knew him and he was an incredible person.

“And then it was Laudrup. I’ve always said that he was my childhood idol.

“Both were a really good reference for me.”

There you have it. Love seeing more insight in to players lives and how the world does exist outside of football. We all at one point were like David with dreams of emulating our idols. Luckily for Silva it came true and for us too, as it’s been in Sky Blue.