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City Football Academy and First Team Begin Mass Tests For Covid — Future Matches Now In Doubt

City will have to wait and see if the weekend’s match against Chelsea will occur.


Manchester City’s first team and academy have began the mass undertaking of testing everyone at the facility in the Etihad campus. H/T the Mirror and City Xtra for the picture-

Other than Fernandinho, whose family confirmed he had contracted the virus, not much is known about the situation at the Etihad campus.

What is known is that all at CFA except first team players will be sent home for two weeks as precaution. This comes after the postponement of the Everton match Monday night. The reason for the moving of the game seems to stem from limiting a chain effect of contamination, since City and potentially Newcastle could be comprised. It made the most sense to do this. Despite the clamoring on social media, City made the right call.

Which is why the Everton questioning of the motives seemed beneath them.

Alas, We now have to wait and see where we stand for this weekends match v Chelsea.

A match I’m sure the PL wants to go on as scheduled.