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Official: Manchester City’s Match With Everton Called Off After More Covid Positive tests at City

Terrible news for all involved.



Manchester City have now confirmed the match today is off after more positive tests-

The CFG training ground will also be closed for an “indeterminate period” with the squad to face more tests before any decision on a return to training. Kyle Walker and Gabriel Jesus and two members of staff tested positive before Newcastle game. Newcastle will also be retested in order to limit the spread.

We hope for a speedy recovery to all involved.

Everton vs Manchester City game tonight is called off because of a COVID outbreak in the City side. Walker & Jesus were confirmed out today for COVID as well. Various reports had called the game off already. From Daily Mail and BBC Sport-

City are already of course a match behind with Aston Villa duel yet to be played. We’ll have to wait and see the full impact of this.

For now, we wish a speedy recovery to all involved.