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Ederson: “I think defence is more consistent now,”

Star GK is confident in an improved defence.

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Manchester City v Burnley - Premier League Photo by Laurence Griffiths/Getty Images

Ederson says being able to rely on recognised centre-backs has made Manchester City more consistent in defence this season.

That is a nice endorsement for the City CB’s as last years was quite bad. An improved line and a home run hit of Ruben Dias have proved crucial in shoring up the backline.

Let’s see what else Ederson had to say.

“I think defence is more consistent now,”

“We are developing little by little. It requires tone. We have new players, less injuries than last season.

“We know when one or two centre backs get injured and play Fernandinho there, it’s hard. Now we play with first choice centre-backs, it is easier and makes us more solid.”

“I feel I have developed a lot since coming here, particularly training under Pep Guardiola,” he added.

“He gets the best out of his players. My style influences the team.

“I’m a player who is looked for during the game and that is responsibility. A mistake ends in a goal, but I am ready for all circumstances.

“You have to be mentally strong. I want to continue here at City and continue getting better.”

“Of course, (Champions League success) that is what the team are working towards,”

“The most important thing is hard work. The team are united and dedicated.

“We played well in the last game (away to Olympiakos). I hope we can continue this good work.”

Ederson has long proved solid yet at times erratic as the starting goalkeeper. Definitely still one of the better one’s on the PL. So, it’s good to see him trust his backline more this time around.