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Gabriel Jesus: “The truth is that to win the Champions League you need an extra something...”

Brazilian star speaks on UCL expectations.

Manchester City v Burnley - Premier League Photo by Tom Flathers/Manchester City FC via Getty Images

Gabriel Jesus loves the challenge. Now on his fourth edition of the tournament this season, he has helped Pep Guardiola’s men to secure progression to the knock-out stages for an eighth consecutive season.

Speaking in an interview with Champions Journal, Gabriel Jesus laid out a lot to talk about. From UCL expectations to life in Manchester and more.

Let’s see what he said.

“The truth is that to win the Champions League you need an extra something – and this team has been maturing,” he declared.

“When I’m in the tunnel waiting to go onto the field and I hear the song, I get very emotional.

“I remember my past, when I wanted to be a football player. I would sometimes skip school to watch some games – I hope my mother doesn’t see this interview!

“To be able to play today, to make my mark in this competition, makes me very happy.”

“Each player writes his own history and I’m writing mine,” he continued.

“I’m obviously happy to have set that record but I hope younger players can break it, as this would mean a good thing for Brazil and Brazilians.

“I demand a lot from myself, as I’m a striker. I’ve long made a resolution that I must score plenty of goals.

“I know I have to improve on a daily basis, seeking perfection even if it’s unreachable. I must seek it by working hard every day to improve bit by bit.

“I want to always be playing and doing things, and enjoying what I love the most.

“I’ve gone through both happy and unhappy spells in my career, so I’ve been maturing more and more. I have to mature further still.”

Interesting stuff. Jesus has certainly matured and while I belive he can be an elite winger, at striker he has shown promising improvement.