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Report - Sergio Aguero Could Join Leo Messi at Barcelona

Would he leave the Etihad?

FIFA World Cup 2018 Russia”Nigeria v Argentina”

Sergio Aguero joins Pep Guardiola in making a huge decision for their respective futures. With a contract offer still to be sent by City, Aguero could decide to leave and join one of his best friends.

According to Jose Alvarez, reputable journalist from Spain, there is talk that Sergio Aguero would be ‘wanting and willing’ to play for Barcelona next season. He would join his close friend Lionel Messi.

Financially it makes sense for Aguero and it would be a free transfer and he could get a nice wage packet. Given Barcelona’s atrocious dealings a free transfer of a player of the caliber of Aguero would be a hit.

Conversely, there are many factors to consider and questions to ask. Beginning with, do Pep and Ageuro go to barcelona together, how would the presidential election at Barca impact all of this, does Aguero really want to play for another club as he had said he’d only leave for Argentina?

Who knows, while the journalist is credible, it seems like a long shot to me. A more likely scenario is Aguero signs a 1-2 year extension and then departs for North America or back home to Argentina.