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Omar Berrada: “We [Man City] haven’t put any of our colleagues on furlough or let anyone go because of this crisis,,”

Man City’s CFO speaks amid an uncertain economic time.

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Manchester City v Liverpool - FA Youth Cup Final Photo by Matt McNulty - Manchester City/Manchester City FC via Getty Images

Manchester City’s chief football operations officer, Omar Berrada, spoke with ‘The Athletic’ amid uncertain economic times. The executive spoke about a range of topics. Let’s see what he said.

On Lionel Messi-

“Had it become a real possibility, we would’ve considered it. He is clearly the best player in the world, so I think any club would love to have Messi in their team, but it didn’t happen.”

“We’ll see if it becomes a possibility. If he leaves Barca and should Messi become something that can be discussed, then we could potentially explore that.”

“It was interesting to see all the speculation about him [Messi] wanting to come to Man City. That is a testament to how far this club has come, the strong squad we have and the top players in the world wanting to come...”

On Covid impact-

“We [Man City] haven’t put any of our colleagues on furlough or let anyone go because of this crisis, but we’ve had to balance that with the need to invest in the first team.”

On transfer dealings-

“I don’t think we overpaid for Dias. We looked at multiple candidates, and this was by far the best valuation once you consider age, experience, current talent and future potential. He was by far our No 1 target in that sense.”

“The truth is we never were in negotiations with his club. It was very interesting to see the amount of noise that was coming out from certain media outlets and social media...”

“I smiled because there were certain instances where people were reporting that the deal was agreed, done, about to happen, he was going to be announced in a few days, when we were never in touch at all with Napoli about him...”

“He’s definitely a top player so some consideration was given, but within some parameters that were very clear to us — and those parameters never came into play so he was never really considered...”

On left back situation -

“We have two top players that can play there. We are hoping for him [Mendy] to have an injury-free season and show his potential. We think he’s a top left-back and hopefully, he’ll be able to demonstrate that throughout the season...”

“Zinchenko has performed really well there. We have three others that can play there: Cancelo, Ake has done it and with his national team, and Laporte can also perform there. It’s very well covered.”

On Pep Guardiola’s future -

“Pep is the best manager in the world and we want him to stay. We will have a conversation with him at the right time and hope he does extend his stay - his contribution has been enormous and will be long-lasting...”

“Those conversations will happen at the right time but our position is very clear: we want him to stay. If there was a sense that we would need to start planning for succession, then we will do so...”

“But our priority is doing what we can and speaking to him to make sure he feels comfortable and that all the circumstances are right for him to continue.”

On Sergio Aguero -

“We’re expecting another amazing season, then conversation about his future will be had. Right now we’re just focused on him getting back from injury and performing as he has been doing.”

What a club, not to deal out furloughs or pay cuts is a testament to the running of the club. We all know the controversy surroundingt other clubs for doing it like Arsenal, Spurs and Liverpool. So, it is refreshing to see a club not do that and stand by all employees.

Thoughts on all Berrada thoughts?