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Eric Garcia ‘Angered’ By Manchester City’s Refusal to Sell

Spanish defender not happy with City leadership.

Arsenal v Manchester City - FA Cup: Semi Final Photo by Sebastian Frej/MB Media/Getty Images

Another twist in the Eric Garcia saga. Now that deadline has passed by, Garcia is reported to be angered at the handling of the situation by Manchester City.

Listen, I get it, but City were well withing their right not to sell. Barcelona is accustomed to bullying clubs on fees and especially when its one of their own. The Evening News reported that City’s “stance on Eric Garcia is that they had already reached the lowest price [£20M] they were willing to accept. City weighed the benefit of cash against having Garcia in their squad - and opted for the latter.”

Combine that with a rocky relationship between City’s board and Barcelona’s and you get an unwillingness to negotiate.

Garcia will get his wish and leave in the Summer and City will get one more useful season out of him.