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Pep Talk: “I am incredibly happy here,”

City manager is having a great time at City.

Manchester City Training Session and Press Conference Photo by Tom Flathers/Manchester City FC via Getty Images

Pep Guardiola knows there is work to do. He spoke about it on his usual press conference before the match vs Sheffield United.

He said-

“I am incredibly happy here,” he said.

“I am delighted to be in Manchester and hopefully I can do a good job this season to stay longer.”

“They [our injured players] are getting better,” he said.

“Now we have a training session, so we will have an update after.

“Gabriel is getting better, Nathan is getting better, Mendy hasn’t started training with the squad.

“Sergio is progressing. Still not available to train with us but progressing.”

“It’s to protect the players, not to protect one team. Hopefully they can reconsider. We have to adjust due to the pandemic, to many things. Reality is complicated. The football is the players. We will see.”

“100% [have five subs]. There is statistics: 47% more muscular injuries than previous seasons due to no preparation and amount of games. All the leagues, Germany, Spain, have five subs to protect the players...”

“I’m incredibly happy here, delighted to be in Manchester and hopefully I can do a good job this season to stay longer.”

“They play really good (Torres and Foden). For the way they played, really well, not in his position, incredible effort, offensively, defensively. Delighted for his performance, Phil as well. Everyone played a good game [vs Marseille]”

“It was an incredible signing (Kyle Walker). I want to thank the club for bringing him here. Today the top players can play every three days, three times a week and not get injured...”

“Before you sign a player you have to look at his injury history and ability to play. Now this is the best Kyle we have ever seen. He’s one of our captains. In the last game against Marseille he did a really good game and hopefully tomorrow too.”

“If the manager has to motivate he’s over. The desire to play good, help the team, feel important, be decisive: this comes inside themselves. We suggest ideas but playing every three days I can’t make a speech. They love football...”

“When you have talented players, it’s the most unpredictable for the opponents. We’ve been together for five years and they understand better. For the new ones, step by step. For the teams not in UCL they have more time to train.”

Real good press conference today. Thoughts on the comments?