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Pep Guardiola Confirms Multiple Players out for Arsenal Match

Leeds United v Manchester City - Premier League Photo by Catherine Ivill/Getty Images

Welcome back to another edition of mangers preview. The Pep talk today was not as good as one would hope. Pep confirmed multiple players will be out.

Let’s see what else he had to say-

“Everyone came back a little bit better than the previous time because then Cancelo, Bernardo and others were injured and couldn’t play the beginning of the season. Kevin is out unfortunately but the rest of the players came back well...”

“I don’t think [Kevin’s injury] is much but he will be out for the next games. Sergio is training well and we are happy. Every team needs a striker. He has been training good and we’re happy to see him back on the pitch after a long time.”

“We should clarify who is the master, who is the apprentice. We didn’t have any doubts about what he is doing in a short period. He settled really well, the way his team is playing right now is perfect for the quality they have...”

“He was able to get Arsenal back to the position they were a long time ago. He’s doing really well in all competitions and Mikel is a competitor and a fighter and all the people who love him are more than happy with what he is doing in London.”

“It depends on the game, the performance of each player, the physical condition - many, many things. I take a decision on who is going to play.”

“In the beginning of the season, teams had more courage to play and step by step I think people will take care a little bit more. Hopefully for football, it will continue like this to see a lot of goals but it is exceptional...”

“I suppose 6, 7, 8, goals per game is not normal. Maybe I’m wrong and it is going to happen but I think it will settle. There are a lot of injuries and many games in a short time so that’s why it will be difficult to know what is going on.”

“I never complain about the international games. I know how important it is for the players for their own countries, it is an honour and a privilege. UEFA and FIFA defend their own tournaments. We always want the players to come back fit...”

“Sometimes they get injured with us. Players are injured because we demand so much of them after tough seasons. Bernardo and the other players, Joao, could not have a normal pre-season and these games were really good for them.”

Pep Guardiola on Project Big Picture: “I want the best for football. I don’t have an opinion, because I didn’t listen to the hypothetical suggestions. I don’t know honestly what is the situation.”

“There is some injury in muscles that you can take a risk with, but there are others you cannot. Gabriel has an injury in the front part of his leg, if he aggravates this we will lose him for a long time.”

So, to recap, Cancelo and Bernardo in, Aguero and Jesus still out. Other things to note were his refusal to offer a thought on Big Picture proposal, though I suspect that’s for a lack of knowledge about the plan.

The match v Arsenal will be a very fun test for the club, and facing Mikel Arteta should make it better. Keep it here for more coverage leading up to the game tomorrow.