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The Making of Manchester City Women, An Oral History

Dr Gary James has published an academic article on his ground-breaking project

One year on from the launch of ‘Manchester City Women: An oral history’, Dr Gary James has published an academic article on his ground-breaking project.

The academic article, published in Sport in History, discusses his thoughts, process and interesting experiences and is available for all to read and enjoy; free to download until 31 October via the link below.

You can find the full piece here.

The news coincides with the anniversary of a celebration event held at The Dancehouse a year ago to mark the end of the project, though the collection will continue to be developed over coming years.

“The article has been published in the respected Sport in History journal and explains the significance of the project performed over the last few years,” said James.

“The project captured the stories of the women who played for City’s women’s team since it was established in 1988, through to its transformation and entry into the FA Women’s Super League and on to recent successes.

The voices from players from every era were heard, including Jill Scott, Steph Houghton and Karen Bardsley.

“City’s archivist Steph Alder saw the value of the project from the start and the Club’s archive has improved with the interviews preserved for future generations.

“Basically, we traced players, coaches and managers and arranged interviews with them.

“Some of the women interviewed talked of their experiences training with an earlier pioneering club, the Manchester Corinthians, at City’s old Platt Lane complex in the 1970s.

Legendary City FA Cup winner Dave Ewing, coached the players then and some women went on to become mainstays of the City team in the 80s and 90s.

“The project was important because, as the article says, it brought the stories of every era of the Club’s existence out in to the open.

“It corrected a few myths that had developed and it firmly recognises the achievements of the women of Manchester City – and of Manchester itself.

“Although it’s published in an academic journal, I’m sure everyone will find something of interest within it.

“It’s normally behind a paywall, so please take the opportunity to read it now for free.”


It’s a really good piece, I recommend it.