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It Would Be Fine At City – De Bruyne On Stones

Blues Midfield Man Jumps To Teammate’s Defence

Netherlands v England - UEFA Nations League Semi-Final Photo by Jan Kruger/Getty Images

Manchester City midfielder Kevin de Bruyne has defended John Stones following England’s 3-1 defeat to the Netherlands in the League of Nations semi-final defeat.

Stones has been criticised for two of the three goals conceded, which eliminated the Three Lions from the competition, but teammate De Bruyne has spoken out in his defence, and putting a slight dig into Ross Barkley in the process.

“For me I think he played a good game except from the mistake he made,” said de Bruyne. “When you play in a team like we do at City where we play out from the back and give each other options, then go to another team and try to do the same but you don’t get the options that you get in your normal team then it is very difficult. Everybody knows what John’s strengths are but obviously he can’t do it by himself he needs the help there.

“That’s what happened I think with the third goal, this ball that he gave to Barkley. With us it would be fine. That ball would probably go to Fernandinho, Gundogan or the keeper and we would play it out from the back. It’s something we are used to. We trained that way for three years. People have to look at the full concept but obviously when you make mistakes people will judge you.”