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Manchester City Make Appeal to UEFA’s Court of Arbitration

The Battle Between Manchester City and UEFA Continues

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UEFA 2014/15 Champions League and UEFA Europa League Third Qualifying Rounds Draw Photo by Harold Cunningham/Getty Images for UEFA

On Wednesday, UEFA’s ongoing investigation into Manchester City’s potential violation of financial fair play (FFP) took another twist as the Sky Blues made an appeal to the court of arbitration (CAS).

In May 2019, UEFA’s Club Financial Control Board (CFCB) opened a case against Manchester City. The CFCB announced they would refer the club to the adjudicator chamber (AC) for further review. If City were to be found guilty, they could face a one year ban from the UEFA Champions League.

The Sky Blues adamantly denied these allegations, stating the accusations were “entirely false” and that they have “irrefutable evidence” to combat the claims made against them.

Should City’s appeal be successful, the CAS would effectively halt the AC from reaching a verdict on the case.

Recent reports, however, suggest the club’s appeal may fail due to previous rulings. In 2018, AC Milan were investigated for a potential breach in FFP. Whilst the club made an appeal to the CAS, the AC ruled that UEFA’s “applicable rules do not provide for a separate appeal against the referral decision.”

In other words, City would not be able to appeal the referral made by the CFCB to the AC as a referral “does not involve any sanction or punishment.” Therefore, the Sky Blues would have to wait until an official verdict has been made.

It is unknown when the AC will reach their final verdict. UEFA would not comment at this time.